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GROHE Online Jamstvo

GROHE StarLight®

Napravljene da bi trajale površine u rasponu od dragocjenog matta do sjajnog poput dijamanta.

GROHE slavine će garantirano izgledati lijepo desetljećima kao i onog dan kada ste se prvi put zaljubili u njih. Poseban recept za uspjeh leži u dugotrajnoj kvaliteti površine: GROHE StarLight® Tehnologija.

GROHE StarLight

Continuous improvement over the last 75 years has seen our unique plating process refined to produce a robust and immaculate surface that is recognised as one of the best finishes in the world. This is thanks to rigorous quality controls and ongoing investment, giving you a lifetime of enjoyment.

As well as the classic chrome finish, GROHE uses state-of-the-art machinery to deliver exceptional quality finishes. The physical vapour deposition (PVD) process ensures that the surface composition is three-times harder, delivering glistening gold or sophisticated stainless-steel finishes. As well as being harder, the surface is also ten times more scratch resistant, so it can be cherished for a lifetime.

Across the spectrum of GROHE finishes, from matt to shiny and in all colour choices, GROHE StarLight® offers a made-to-last finish. The flawless, long-lasting surface is designed to be extremely resistant to dirt and scratches, making maintenance effortless and ensuring good-as-new looks for many years.

GROHE StarLight® površine

GROHE StarLight® površinska kompozicija


Čvrstoća površine i otpornost na ogrebotine

3X jača čvrstoća površine i 10x veća otpornost na ogrebotine

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